Tips for Coping With All the Blood Inside of You

As any person with blood inside of them will tell you, it’s hard to know how to react to the initial discovery. For most, until a certain point, blood was something only found in gory horror movies—not in real life. It can be shocking to find out that not only does blood exist, there’s a lot of it inside your body. I, personally, went through the process of discovering that I have blood fairly recently, and I learned a few things from my experience. Here are some of the tips I’d recommend.

1. Do not try to get all the blood out.

I cannot stress this enough. You actually need that blood inside of you.

2. Do not try to drink blood to get more of it in you.

While it’s true that you need blood inside of you, you don’t need to drink anyone else’s blood. Your body can produce enough of it on its own. Unless you’re severely injured or have a deficiency, the amount of blood you currently have in you is probably fine.

3. Talk to a friend or loved one and show them your blood.

You don’t need to go through discovering that there’s blood in you alone. Find someone you trust and give them a glass of your blood, so you can calmly talk about it together. They can answer any questions you might have, such as “Why is there so much of it in me?”, “Is it supposed to be red?”, and “Can you put some of your blood in this glass so I can drink it and get more blood in me?”.

4. Don’t suppress your feelings about your blood.

The things you feel when looking at your blood—fear, thirst, transcendent awe—are perfectly natural. Trying to deny them will only make things worse.

5. Go to a blood bank so you can look at other people’s blood.

You may think that you’re the only person that has blood inside of them, but this is untrue. If there’s a blood bank in your area, you’re allowed to go there and look at everyone else’s blood. This may help you come to terms with your recent discovery. However, there’s usually a policy against drinking any of the blood there, so be careful.

I hope this helps some of you.

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  1. This was extremely helpful information. Now I know that blood being inside of myself is a good thing, and that I should definitely talk with my family about it at dinner. Thanks uncommonguidance!


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