Ignore Your Problems and Hope They Go Away!

It’s times like these when I’m grateful I have an advice blog, because after injuring my drawing arm in a major way, I’ve come up with some revolutionary new guidance that’s guaranteed to help you avoid the uncomfortable issues in both your personal life and the world around you!

It’s called “ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away”, and it’s temporarily WAY easier than acknowledging anything!

Here’s how it works: Are you currently facing a problem that feels too painful to address?

It could be anything—maybe you’re having trouble coping with the loss of a friend or loved one. Maybe you’re internally questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity while living in an unaccepting community. Maybe you live in a country plagued by systemic racism, and you’re somehow only just realizing how bad it is, which really says something about how much you’ve been allowed to take for granted your entire life. Maybe, hypothetically, your drawing arm is broken, but also it’s completely fine, nothing is wrong with my arm, trust me.

Instead of going through all the trouble of accepting that any of these things are problems, just ignore them! They’ll probably go away on their own! Everything is okay! My arm is fine now!

When you start pretending that bad things don’t exist, you’ll find that you no longer need to take any steps toward improving the situation! If the first step to finding a solution is acknowledging the problem, you can avoid doing all that work by simply never ever EVER acknowledging the problem! You may feel a gnawing sense of unease in the back of your mind, just as I feel a gnawing sense of pain in the important parts of my arm, but that probably goes away at some point!

Just keep telling yourself that this is fine. I’m fine. My arm is fine. Everything’s fine.

We’re all… going… to be… FINE.

PS: Okay, yes, this was partly inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests happening here in the US. I try to keep politics out of my stuff as much as possible, but I’m still affected by what happens around me. If you want to do something other than ignore the problem and hope it goes away, you can donate here.

PPS: I realize no one will believe me at this point, but my drawing arm is, in fact, fine.

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