Ignore Your Problems and Hope They Go Away!

It’s times like these when I’m grateful I have an advice blog, because after injuring my drawing arm in a major way, I’ve come up with some revolutionary new guidance that’s guaranteed to help you avoid the uncomfortable issues in both your personal life and the world around you! It’s called “ignoring the problem and... Continue Reading →

A Brief Note About COVID-19, and an Old Short Story

Hello. I’ve spent the past week alternating between panicking and trying to think of a coronavirus-related advice post. None of my ideas were funny enough, so you’re instead getting this inappropriately serious note. If—for some reason—you want to get information from people who don’t write fake advice blogs, here are links to the Centers for... Continue Reading →

Tips for Preventing the Spread of Happiness

By now, you may have heard about the idea of “spreading happiness”. It’s a phrase that shows up a lot on throw pillows and small wooden plaques, especially in mid to late December. The very concept sounds absurd—subjective states of mind can’t be “spread”, right?  There is, unfortunately, a frightening truth to this saying. It’s... Continue Reading →

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